Tuesday, 26 January 2010

bits and pices of my life

kalau saya kata saya cinta,
awak takkan percaya.
jadi saya diam.
supaya awak percaya.

kan bagus kalau tuhan jumpa kan kita lebih awal.
di saat itu awak bukan milik sesiapa.

pastinya saya akan cuba
membuat awak selesa berkawan dengan saya.
walaupun untuk satu tempoh masa yang sangat pendek.

kerana, selepas ini.
kita tidak akan berjumpa lagi.
saya tahu, haluan hidup kita berbeza.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

SMile XD

life is about taking risk,
where you only know that there is only 2 out come,.
is it worth or not.
be brave, seek for what you want and not others

seeing is believing.,
but not all things are better of seeing.
trust in yourself and always believe that everything will be alright.

try to get the best out of you,.
after all it is you who decide your life.

Friday, 1 January 2010

new year shopping list

in this coming new year, people start with a new year resolution.
but instead of that i came out with a new year shopping list...
here are sokme thing that i found missing for this coming new year.

  1. i need a new pair of shoes, heels maybe.
  2. new pair of jeans.,in light blue color
  3. a new bags for collage.
  4. new scarf for my messy hair
  5. new color lipstick.
  6. a new camera (really-really want)
  7. some new cloths.
  8. for sure new perfumes
  9. new friends.
  10. and a new boyfriend (if its not to much)

is there anyone who want to go shopping with me?
i will be glad..