Wednesday, 2 January 2013

For 2013

As for today, a starting day of the year. I have collected these!!!

Insyallah, i will survive through the year. And get married. huh? 

Selfless selfish person

Hey you! yes you.
Enough said. Its time, im letting it all go.
I am tired of all of this nonsense. And also i am tired of hoping that things will going to work as it use to be.

Yes,put all the blame on me.
Im arrogant, selfish and demanding girl you ever meet. Yes i know i dont deserve what i used to have with you in the past.  I accept it as the fact that what ALLAH has planned for me.
And without ever noticing that i manage to stay a life for one year without you.
Alhamdulillah, again ALLAH help me to stay strong.

I know, i know for one year living in misery hoping for you to come back.
My mistakes to not standing up for what i believe. Again i let my self be hurt and stay vurnarable for all the time.
But i know that time will heal all the wound, but never the scar. At least it will remind me of what i used to face.

Im lifeless, far adrift without any best friends of even friends worst. Im being betrayed by some selfish bitch and unthankfull monstrous moron. Neah, they dont break me yet even fail me.
Haha maybe im used to it.

But Losing you, cause me so many thing. I lost best friend, friends, motivator, brother and guardian.
I pray that life went easy for you. That all i can.