Saturday, 27 June 2009

''itu pun kalau kau rasa kau adalah antara yang fuckin' good at what you do.
dan kau tidak perlu untuk jadi yang paling bijaksana atau paling gempak pun untuk menjadi seseorang yang fuckin' good at what you do. letak 100% passion, jiwa dan raga engkau dalam apa2 yang kau buat, sudah cukup.''

kata yang aku pinjam, untuk renungan dan kegunaan di masa hadapan.
aku percaya yang aku tak perlu jadi perfect untuk berjaya dalam hidup, tapi andai aku berusaha dan sabar kejayaan pasti ada untuk aku.

aku mahu cemerlang dan aku mahu berjaya namun aku bukan sempurna.
apa yang aku usaha kan hari ini adalah untuk masa hadapan.
berjuang sekarang demi kemenangan esok.

Friday, 26 June 2009

sometimes love comes around

you make me cry but you also make me smile,
you make me warm and you always melt my heart with your funny faces.
you make me sleep in you arms.

when i saw you, i stumble half way.
i just want to turn back but i realize that you are my destiny.
and that's why i keep running back to you.
i feel safe with you especially when i am in your arms,
i cant forget your smiles, yet your voice and your laughter.
your are worth fighting for because i just knew it was you that my heart belongs to.

i wont let you go..

Thursday, 18 June 2009

15 minute worth talking to..

i cry, and cry and still crying.
for something that i knew it was my mistake,
its not him or her but me instead.
love to be hug, love to be cuddle when it was you.
but i know now it wont happen again.

at that moment i remember someone,
then i pick up the phone,.
it was you there, listening patiently 4 me to cry.
becouse you know that i wont stop crying, for the mistakes that i done.
and when you talk your words start makes me smile, and later you start to make me lough.
oh dear,
you know me inside out and you just know the right words to say at the right moment.
how i am glad that you are my friends.

i remember back then those time when i call you just to cry,
and you always call me a cry baby,
oh, such a shame.
becouse i cant change the fact that i love to cry.
with you by my side i will always be a cry baby.

thing that we share,
stories that we lough with and silly friend that we have,
all will remain fresh in my memories.

you wipe my tears away
and you make me smile again.,

a tribute to all my friend especially Muhammad Nur Fikri Firazan.

Friday, 12 June 2009

just love it

i love it when we cuddle.
i love it when we snuggle.
i love it when you care.

i love it when we hugs each other.
i love it when you kiss me in the cheeks.
i love it when we lough.
i love it when we fight.

and i just love it when we kiss.
and i even more love it when it was you.

i do say that i love you.

Monday, 8 June 2009

climb so fast just to fall again.

are these for real,.
at the moment we are together and you suddenly gone,
and now you are back again.

it look like we are attach to each other,
but its just to pain to know that you belong to someone.
and maybe it is meant this way,
this is not the road to eternity so then

i will vanish from your life.,
and far-far away i will search my own soul
just to know that this is the destiny of us.