Thursday, 8 July 2010

recepies of internal happiness

im leaving
all this nothingness inside of me.
as im confused.

leaving all this mess
and heartache.
screaming and shouting.
frown and misery
hatred and sadness.

im just me.
too optimistic maybe.
take me as i am 
just leave me for who you dint like.

for the sake of happiness,
throw all those hatred away,
live the life to the fullest
love yourself for the way who you are
dont hate for what you are not.

its just not a part of my dream

solid and well planned.
hurt and loved.
pain and desire.

it is too late
 when i start to realize that he is a part of my dream that can never came true.

i stumble when i try to walkaway
and i choke when i try to say goodbye.

now im trying my best, all heart out.
once and for all.

im leaving.

thanks for the memory and the heartache.
all my life i`ve been waiting for someone like you.